Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mammography Moves to Strada Patient Care Center

The USA Children’s & Women’s Breast Care and Mammography Center recently moved into the Strada Patient Care Center, providing a more efficient imaging experience for women.

“All of the familiar and great features of our practice are still intact, including two of the only fellowship-trained radiologists in town, our friendly skilled technologists and same-day results,” said Dr. Joel Lightner, assistant professor of radiology at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine and director of breast imaging at USA. “With the move to our new facility we have added a beautiful outpatient setting, new equipment and the convenience of having all breast care services in the same building.”

According to Dr. Lynn Dyess, professor of surgery at the USA College of Medicine and a breast and endocrine surgeon with USA Physicians Group, the office enhances communication between radiologists and surgeons regarding individual patients.“I can review the images with radiology when the patient is in my clinic,” she said. “This allows for better planning and development of patient planning treatments.”

The center uses a Genius digital mammography system that is capable of detecting breast cancer earlier and in more women. “Breast tomosynthesis is a new technology that is used for breast cancer screening and diagnosis,” said Eduardo Rel, technical director of radiology at USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital. “It produces a 3-D image that allows the radiologist to see further into the breast compared to a 2-D image. The radiologist is able to screen the breast layer-by-layer in 3-D detail.”

Since dense breast tissue can create additional detection challenges, the Genius 3-D mammography exam is now the only mammogram that is FDA-approved as superior for dense breasts — detecting 20 to 65 percent of more invasive breast cancers when compared to 2-D alone.

Rel said both breast and plastic surgeons are now conveniently located next door to mammography, allowing the physicians to walk into the mammography reading room and discuss any case with the radiologist regarding patient care.

“For us — the breast cancer team — the benefit is increased direct communication between team members with the result of faster and better tailored management decisions,” Dr. Lightner said. “By upgrading to the Strada Patient Care Center, not only have we improved the overall patient experience, but we have also significantly improved our ability to efficiently and effectively treat patients with breast cancer.”

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