Tuesday, November 22, 2016

USA Physicians Group Clinics Begin Moving into Strada Patient Care Center

Jackson Black, 3, laughs as Lauren Crawford, a medical assistant in pediatric cardiology, checks his O2 levels during his appointment Nov. 21, 2016. Jackson was one of the first patients seen in the new Strada Patient Care Center.
The first wave of USA Physicians Group clinics – pediatric development/genetics, pediatric cardiology, high risk obstetrics, surgical oncology and plastic surgery – moved into the Strada Patient Care Center this past weekend. On Monday, the clinics began seeing patients in their new spaces.

Located across from USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital, the 133,000-square-foot Strada Patient Care Center contains 153 patient exam rooms, 16 nurses stations and seven educational conference rooms. Additional clinics will move into the new building during the next several months.

Dr. Lynn Batten, director of the division of pediatric cardiology at USA, said the new space is open and modern. “I’m excited, and our patients will be very excited because this is a huge, positive change from our previous clinic,” she said.

In addition, she said the new space will affect patients’ frame of mind.

“When they sit in this waiting room, they have a full wall of windows and can see the Geri Moulton Children’s Park,” Dr. Batten said. “The environment is peaceful and calming, which is especially needed for cardiology patients who already may be anxious about their appointment.”

Among the first patients seen at the Strada Patient Care Center was three-year-old Jackson Black, who has been a patient of Dr. Batten’s since he was one month old. His mother, Deja Black, said the new Strada Patient Care Center is very impressive and much needed.

“It’s really nice - I love it,” she said. “The openness and the view of the park from the waiting area is wonderful.” Black said Jackson’s first appointment in the new facility went very well. “We love Dr. Batten,” she said. “Jackson loves coming to see her, and everyone is always so nice and cordial. The new space is just an added bonus.”

First impressions are important, and Dr. Batten said the new space – with new furniture and leading-edge technology and equipment – is a major benefit to patients. “I think as a patient it makes you feel better about the person taking care of you."

In addition, Dr. Batten said the new building brings providers together in one space. “Now, we are right next to genetics and developmental pediatrics. We pass each other in the hall, and we share clinical space,” she said. “Pediatric cardiology shares a lot of the same patients with genetics, and it’s fantastic that we’re in the same area together. Having other specialties right next door makes patient care much more streamlined.”

The Strada Patient Care Center is named in honor of Dr. Samuel J. Strada, dean emeritus of the USA College of Medicine, and his late wife, Judy. Their names were placed on the building as a lasting honor, recognizing their contributions to the mission of USA and their efforts to help those in our community.

A large portion of the USA Physicians Group practice will move from their current locations to the new building. Later next month, the second group of clinics will be moving into the Strada Patient Care Center. These clinics include neurosurgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and reproductive specialists. In January, orthopaedics, physical therapy, neurology and radiology will move into the new building. The move is scheduled to be complete by March 2017.

Click here to view more photos from the move. To learn more about the Strada Patient Care Center, visit http://www.usahealthsystem.com/strada-patient-care-center.