Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Chris Buckley Named Co-Director for Camp SKAMP

Chris Buckley, a recent graduate of the University of South Alabama College of Medicine, was named co-director for Camp SKAMP (Special Kids And Meaningful People) located in McDavid, Fla.

Buckley became a counselor and staff member with Camp SKAMP in 2004. During his time with the camp, he has worked diligently with both campers and volunteers to ensure that the camp is an enjoyable and safe experience. Each counselor is responsible for assisting the campers with feeding, dressing, bathing, attending classes and other activities. Staff members teach classes, supervise the waterfront, prepare a yearbook, serve meals, wash dishes and take care of administrative paperwork.

“It is such an honor and delight to have been selected as co-director for Camp SKAMP. This camp plays a tremendous role in the lives of these wonderful children, and the invaluable impact of this camp will live on for decades to come,” Buckley said. “My seven summers as a volunteer camp counselor at SKAMP is, without a doubt, the greatest privilege I ever had. I look forward to working with the incredible staff, ensuring that the best years of this camp are yet to come.”

In 2007, Buckley was awarded the Community Scholarship from Tulane University in New Orleans, recognizing his dedication to SKAMP during high school. Tulane is also where Buckley received his residency assignment this past March, matching in psychiatry.

Camp SKAMP was established in 1971, and the campers range from age six to 22. The camp provides mentally and physically disabled children and adults with an authentic, overnight summer camp experience at no financial cost to the campers.

Ann Sprague, vice president of Camp SKAMP Board of Directors, said Buckley’s medical knowledge is extremely valuable in caring for the children and adults who attend this camp. “His dependability, sense of humor, musical talents and his caring attitude make him a perfect choice for this position,” she said.

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