Wednesday, March 25, 2015

USA Pediatric Healthy Life Center Providing Educational Programs to Primary Care Practices

The University of South Alabama Pediatric Healthy Life Center is providing educational programs to primary care practices throughout the region. The traveling group consists of a physician, nurse, clinical diabetes educator, and an assistant. Currently, 13 practices have registered for the program.

Dr. Daniel Preud’Homme, director of the Pediatric Healthy Life Center and professor of pediatrics at USA, said the group will provide one hour of approved CME activity, titled “Partners for Healthy Weight in Children,” at each visit. The activity, which includes a free lunch, is provided in a team-based learning format and is intended for all health professionals.

Dr. Preud’Homme said Alabama remains near the top of the childhood obesity prevalence list in the country. “Close to 25 percent of children are overweight or obese,” he said. “Obesity in children tracks well into adulthood. The key to effective obesity prevention is to address obesity as early as possible when behavior modifications may be easier, but with greatest potential to prevent co-morbidities."

The program will address evaluation, prevention and management of obesity and comorbidities in a primary care office. “Complications of obesity such as diabetes or hypertension are now commonplace in pediatrics,” Dr. Preud’Homme said. “The health burden of obesity is so significant that it is a major focus of preventive health in all children, especially in Alabama. We hope that the education and resources provided will foster the evaluation of childhood and adolescent obesity in primary care practices in the Gulf Coast area. This effort is meant to reach the maximum number of children and adolescents through their health care providers with the hope that the prevalence of obesity and its complications will subside in the population we serve.”

The CME activity is offered to any primary care offices in the region. To learn more or to schedule an activity, call (251) 434-5038.

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