Thursday, June 13, 2013

USA Health System Website Training Sessions to be Held This Summer

The USA Health System increasingly is turning to the web and social media for its internal and external communications. Its website,, includes content about the USA College of Medicine, the USA Physicians Group, the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute, the USA Medical Center, and USA Children's and Women's Hospital.

On Thursday, Web Marketing Coordinator Bernell Dorrough held a training session to empower staff members from across the health system to make updates to the site themselves.

"Our website has information for current and future patients, medical students and faculty, totaling almost 4,000 individual pages," Dorrough explained. "That much content is too much for any one person to manage. By empowering representatives from all our divisions to make changes themselves, we can ensure the information is accurate and updated regularly."

The health system's website is hosted using a content management software solution.

"The beauty of a content-management system is that people don't need a background in web design to make page updates," Dorrough said. "Most people with basic computer skills are ready to start updating the site after only a two-hour training session like this one."

Two more training sessions already are scheduled for June 27 and July 11, and more could be added to meet demand. Faculty and staff members interested in signing up can contact Dorrough at

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